Best Podcast Hosting Providers

Podcast Hosting

If you have ever considered broadcasting your own radio station but were worried about start-up costs, FCC licenses, commercial advertising, expensive studios and equipment, etc, you should take a look at the ever growing world of podcasting. Podcasting allows anyone with a computer, microphone and a voice to reach potentially millions of people with their own broadcasts. Whether you want to report on local news from your own neighborhood, introduce the world to your newest musical creations, or make your opinions known, podcasting is the newest, greatest way to do it. And getting set up is easier than you might think. In fact, there are so many ways to do it, that besides a computer and a microphone, you can get set up and creating your own podcasts for free.

Free Podcast Hosting Providers

Here are some podcast hosting providers that are either free, or allow for a free trial period.

1. Podbean

2. Podomatic

3. OurMedia

4. PodcastMachine

5. Mevio

6. Hipcast

7. BlogTalkRadio Free for 30 days. Start now.

8. Blogger/Feedburner

Free Podcasting – The Reality

There are many options for free podcasting and free podcast hosting, however you should know that podcasting hosting uses a relatively large amount of bandwidth. For this reason, many providers will place an advertisement on your podcasting to help pay the bills. Some hosts will let you share some of the revenue from these podcast ads. But if you create a podcast that becomes really popular, it would make more sense to get your own dedicated podcasting host, but we’ll go into that later. When you are just starting out, use a free podcast hosting service to get the hang of things. So if you’re ready to become the next big thing, let’s get started with free podcasting!