Best Podcast Hosting Providers

How to Podcast

Podcasting Basics

It is quite easy to create a podcast. Here are the basic steps:

1. Get yourself a microphone for your computer. It doesn’t have to be too fancy when you are first starting out. You can find many inexpensive microphones that plug right into your computer’s USB port.

2. Install audio recording software. Again, there are many free and inexpensive options. Audacity is a popular free recording program. If you have a Mac with iLife, you can use the Garageband application.

3. Make a recording of whatever you like, and save the file in your computer as an MP3.

4. Upload the MP3 file to your selected podcast hosting site.

5. That’s it! You just made your first podcast. Now tell everyone you know where they can download it, and get ready for fame and fortune!