Best Podcast Hosting Providers


Are you familiar with the cutting-edge world of podcasting? Today, podcasts are not necessarily directly linked to iPods or to any other portable media players out there, but people are now creating their own Internet-based radio programs with the use of free audio programming tools that allow them to be listened to or viewed by anyone over the internet. Making audio content for your own website can seem difficult at first, but as soon as you have learned the basics of podcasting then making your own podcast will be second nature. So, if you are a computer savvy type of person and you want your podcasts be watched or heard in the online community, here are some basic points on how you can create your own podcast.

Before you can make your first podcast you will need some podcasting software to start your project. Also, some computer hardware like a microphone or headset will also be necessary. However, the most important podcasting equipment that you must have is a desktop computer or a laptop and an internet connection. Preparing your tools and equipment is the first step in making your podcast. This may sound like you need to invest a little for the recording tools, but you must pick up decent quality gear if you want to produce a good quality podcast. A good microphone can be more expensive, but the quality of the sound produced is incomparable to cheaper products.

Once you are ready with your hardware and software, your next step is to plan the content of your podcast and how you want it to be organized. Many podcasters are into music just like a radio station, but some record as a type of an audio book. Aside from these sorts of programs, the content could also be interviews or a lecture to educate people. Really, anything you want to discuss or create can be your podcasting content. Regardless of the different ideas that comes out of your mind, making a plan is very important to make sure that your podcast is interesting for the viewers and listeners, especially if you want to use your talent to earn a living as a podcast producer.

After deciding on the content of your podcast, prepare your recording equipment and the application you need to record the audio. Some of the widely used powerful and free platforms for podcasting are Audacity for Windows and GarageBand for Mac. Once you are done with your recording, save your file and convert it into MP3 format which is the standard format that can be played on most audio players and computers.

Publishing your podcast will require you to arrange a podcast feed in the form of RSS files, which is the link that internet users are using when searching for podcast files. You can also use a third-party service that offers podcast hosting but you need you need to follow some user agreements to acquire their service for your podcast page. Podcast hosting can either be free or paid. See our other podcasting articles for more information.