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Podcasting 101: Creating a Podcast

Just as blogging platforms have made it possible for virtually anyone to become an online reporter, podcasting has provided a similar privilege to those wishing to become recording artists, radio show hosts, or even video stars. Podcasting has become super simple and streamlined. The equipment necessary to create a podcast of excellent quality can be found online for free. Individuals can even host podcasts without spending any money.

There are published podcasts on just about any subject a person can think of or imagine. Those who would like to can create a podcast on any topic that they wish. Multiple ones if they’d like. A person is only limited by their imagination and their ability to put in the work necessary to create a podcast.
Podcasting utilizes digital audio technology in a way that allows people to record and distribute their verbal (and visual) content to the masses. Individuals can go solo and create their own informational or entertaining podcasts based on their interests and talents or utilize a radio show format and interview guests that they and their audience find interesting.

It is free to make a podcast. The software necessary to create a podcast is available free of charge. Once recorded, listeners can download the audio files, which are usually in MP3 format, onto a personal digital audio player (for instance iPod) or their computers. Podcasting doesn’t require the listener to sit through a broadcast from beginning to end. Instead, one can download whatever program they would like to listen to, just they like they might download a song, either directly from a website or via a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. An RSS feed makes it possible for individuals to download the newest feeds of a podcast onto their mp3 player or computer.

Podcast publishing has become quite simple. There are some websites available specifically for this purpose, which allow you to record and publish podcasts virtually tech-free. Today, an individual can be up and running quickly, even if they little-to-no related technical experience. Podcast hosting has become much easier as well. Just as there are streamlined podcast publishing websites, there are free, easy-to-use hosting sites as well. These types of sites are great for individuals who aren’t technically inclined and who don’t have a lot of money to spend. Some of them even have ad-sharing revenue programs.

If a person were to use a paid hosting site, which some podcast publishers might want to, it is important that they understand doing so will be more expensive than it would be for a traditional website or blog. This is because podcast files (mov, mp3 and wmv) take up a lot more space than traditional website files (html, css, etc.) and so they require more bandwidth. Bandwidth costs money and individuals can expect to pay for a lot of it if their podcasts turns out to be a popular one. Still, for some people, the cost of hosting their own podcast will be worth it. Free podcasts sites, while they have the potential to get your voice heard, don’t really give someone ultimate control over their show. If a free podcast host opted to cancel a particular program, the owner would have no recourse or power to resist. Even with that in mind, those who feel they have something to say and want their voice to be heard should consider creating a podcast. It’s free, easy and gives individuals, who might not normally have one, a global platform to express themselves.